About Guldmann’s website


The navigation on our website is placed either in the menu bar at the top or to the left. At the top you find links to the product categories and to the various service and information pages. To the left you will find sub-sections to the main area you have chosen in the top menu bar.

At far right you find some “boxes” with additional information which contain supplementary and relevant information, dependent on in which point/product you are.

You will always be able to see where you are on the website, as right above the content on each page there will be a “path” enabling you to return to the front page.


Division of pages

The website has been divided into the following main areas:

  • Products
    • Guldmann
    • Stepless
  • Subject areas
  • Services
  • Events
  • Info and press room 
  • About Guldmann


The website is optimized for a resolution/display of minimum 1024x768. If your screen resolution is smaller, it will be necessary to scroll sideways on the pages. Most computers today have a resolution of minimum 1024x768, often higher.


As on most websites we also use the so-called cookies to intermediately store information on your browser, for instance if you have signed on to download information that requires registration. Please note that no passwords or any other sensitive data will be saved on your computer.

If you have problems signing on where this is required on our website, your computer may have deactivated cookies. This can be changed on the browser and depends on the browser you use.



If you have any questions or comments to our website, you are welcome to contact our webmaster by filling in the following form:

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