Time to Care 2007 - Changing Care

”Changing Care” was the title of an event that took place at the Castle Hindsgavl, Middelfart from 14th to 16th May. The participants were international professionals and managers from the health care sector. The objective was to establish a new, international network working together to create a better working environment among the nursing and hospital staff.


In spite of many years of efforts to create better working conditions for the nursing staff in hospitals and institutions worldwide, the curve showing work-related injuries has not yet been broken. Simultaneously, an increased number of employees experience that time to care has been reduced.


What does it take to solve these great challenges? And how can the caretaker’s conditions be changed and improved? These were among the questions, which the conference aimed at trying to answer.


The participants, some 30 people, did not have all these questions answered, but they had an opportunity to share their thoughts on the general, international challenges, that everyone face and knowledge was exchanged. This will lead to immediate development of new methods in the nursing work.


During the conference the participants were challenged by experts within a number of relevant subjects, among these psychology in order to effect changes, robot technology and certification.


The conference, arranged by Guldmann, was an immense success, thanks to a committed, enthusiastic and focused effort by everyone. Pat Alexander, MSc LPD PGCE MCSP from England, stated:
- In England we do have a network but to establish a global network like this gives our work an additional dimension. I very much hope that we are now able to start some kind of forum, e.g. on the Internet, in order to continue the sharing of knowledge.


Kathleen Nelson, Physical Therapist Ergonomic Specialist from South Coast Hospital Group, Massachusetts, USA confirmed:
- Even though we are globally at different levels and stages of our different systems, we clearly struggle with the same problems and challenges. Therefore it has also been very beneficial for us to have attended.


The two participants were also excited about the form of the event, where the contributions were replaced by group discussions and all participants joining together:
- The contributions have been very interesting, but the best part has possibly been the group discussions in between. In contrast with many other conferences it gave the opportunity to reflect and provide a perspective on the issues that were just presented, Pat Alexander said.   
- Often you attend a conference and all the conclusions have already been presented in the circulated abstracts. By being open for discussions and putting a perspective on things after the contributions, we were given the opportunity to nuance and share views and solutions. It was really good, Kathleen Nelson said.


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